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*If the company has more than 4 owners, please contact your account manager.

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Consent Personal Information and Signature:

The undersigned confirms that the above information is true and correct. In addition, it authorizes AP Equipment Finance (hereinafter referred to as AP) to request and exchange any information regarding solvency, particularly with respect to applications to credit bureaus and their full disclosure, at any time. The undersigned acknowledges that AP has a serious and legitimate interest in collecting personal information about the applicant from third parties in order to operate its business. They acknowledge the fact that AP can build a file with the personal information collected. The file thus constituted will be kept at one of AP's places of business and may only be consulted by authorized persons. The undersigned authorizes all parties contacted to release credit and financial information.

Please forward the information below to once the application has been submitted:
  • Last 2-year-end Business financials on the dealership and all related business entities.
  • Current YTD interim balance sheet and P&L on the dealership and all related entities
  • Current Personal Financial statement on all owners/guarantors
  • Copy of Driver’s license of all Guarantors
  • Exterior picture of the dealership
  • Insurance company to provide an Acord 27
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation